Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In Canada, it's called "English Meadows"

Well, things have improved on the home front. We were away for the weekend, so the basement is still not quite painted, but it is half done. I don't like the colour. It is a green (click on the colour selector and find "Pastel Sage" on RC16 -it's close to this), and it looks too old. However, I am not finished painting the trim white and I haven't accessorized, so things may improve after those two tasks are completed. No matter what happens, I am not changing it. It is too much work. It will be whatever it will be. The general consensus is that greens are hard colours to find satisfaction with.

BB is finally well again and not coughing. We returned the nebulizer and I am happy to report that he settled into using it quite easily. He only cried the first few times.

I am struggling to keep up with work. It is difficult to put in hours of overtime when you aren't passionate about the work. It is okay work, I am just not excited about it.

I am also setting an important personal goal of being less snippy with my husband. He will be glad to read this, I am sure. When I get stressed out (which happens when the housekeeping is less that perfect - read: all the time), I sometimes take it out on him, unfairly. Perhaps it would be more productive to discuss housekeeping strategies or hiring a housekeeper rather than sniping at him. What are your strategies on this point? Or do you have one of those magical houses that keeps itself?

I may quit going to the playgroup that I used to love for BB. Basically, half of the women are pregnant and I just can't deal with it. The further I get away from BB's birth, the less I am able to handle pregnancy and pregnancy talk. I HATE IT, PEOPLE! I can hardly deal with the baby pictures I get in the mail from all of my cousins who are new parents. Purposefully subjecting myself to random strangers once a week at playgroup is nearly completely unbearable. If only I could create a new and better playgroup of people who are not and will not be pregnant....

That's it, that's all.

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Rosepetal said...

Glad BB is well again.

Hah hah - my strategy is to get snippy!

Needless to say it doesn't work very well, and doesn't meet the widespread requirements of husbands to receive a little gold recognition medal just for making a housekeeping effort (I know, I'm making a huge, sexist generalisation there).

If you have the budget, I think a housekeeper or at least a cleaning lady, makes the difference about being snippy over things which aren't worth it. I had one and fired her after V died, as she kept turning up late and pissing me off generally and saying things like "that one was for God" and spending her time cleaning windows when I clearly said that vacuuming was the priority. But at least the place got cleaned once a week.

Now we actually take my husband's work shirts to the dry cleaners to get washed every week. We worked out that it wasn't more expensive that having to wash them yourself and then pay your cleaning lady to iron them for you. It made a huge difference to piles of ironing lying around forever, gathering dust.

But the cleaning, well these days that just doesn't get done as often as I would like.