Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I just can't stand her.

I don't know why.

Here is a list of possible reasons why:
  1. the first time we met, it was 10 months after C. died. She was on mat. leave. She talked about her son the whole time. Then verbally stumbled through the minefield when she asked about my kids.
  2. she is covering my mat. leave and people like her.
  3. she took her schooling through a correspondence course (it shows in her work, too) and seems to believe it is the equivalent to a degree earned at a reputable university.
  4. she dresses inappropriately for her figure and for a professional environment.
  5. she is overly familiar with clients.
  6. she felt it appropriate to discuss her high school drinking binges at the corporate Christmas party - A Series of Unfortunate (and Unfunny) Anecdotes.
  7. she didn't kowtow to me at all when she was my underling.
  8. she is just a person that I wouldn't ever like, no matter what life circumstances were involved.

If it is reason 1, then I should just accept that I won't ever forgive her the injury to my soul when I was at my most vulnerable.

If it is reason 2-7, I should just get over myself already. So she works where I work. She won't replace me and she isn't better than me. I shouldn't feel so threatened.

If it is reason 8, I should just be happy that I only have to work with her, not live with her.

Sadly, it is very likely that she will still be employed in my department when I return to work next January. And, also sadly, I sort of wish that we could be friends. How often do you meet women the same age as you with similar interests?

It frustrates me when I can't tell if something is a grief response or just plain old cattiness.

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niobe said...

Heh. This reminds me of the Lee Ann Womack song I'll Think of a Reason Later.

Some people just rub you (well, me anyway) the wrong way and whatever they do or say is annoying. With any luck she'll find a new job.