Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Here I am.. No, over here!!

Sorry. Signed up for facebook and got distracted from blogging. Now I am settled over there. I finally gave in to the demon, since my family has taken to communicating this way. I'm not happy about it (now how am I going to feel superior? - I don't facebook, thanks.), but it's done.

The wedding was bearable. I was surprised at how many times my heart tugged in C.'s direction. There really is something about a wedding, isn't there? Surrounded by all your family, but one. A day of hope and expectations. Jokes about how many kids the happy couple will have. Cooing over my living child. Many, many missed opportunities to say "BB looks like C."

Happily, there were few clueless comments to report.

Do you have women in your life who's only topics of conversation are their kids and the general state of procreation around them? The ones I know are stay-at-home-moms, but I wouldn't pin that as a general characteristic for all SAHMs.

Anyway, one particular SAHM had a grand old time laughingly describing her last labour in intimate detail. That was fun to listen to. I didn't join in - since no one is really that interested in hearing about C.'s labour (they get that look on their faces) and I am not going to talk about BB's labour like it was my only experience.

Then conversation turned to the noise level and how BB couldn't sleep with the DJ screaming (yep) into the microphone. SAHM told me that I should try having a 4 year old and 2.5 year old at home - then I would know noise. I resisted the urge to remind her that my 2.5 is just exceptionally quiet for his age.

All-in-all, not bad. Not bad at all.


Catherine said...

I resisted the urge to remind her that my 2.5 is just exceptionally quiet for his age.

Oh, you soooo should have. LOL!

Glad to have you back. I don't do facebook either.

Lori said...

First of all, I am so clueless that I don't even know what facebook is.

Second, I think you showed remarkable restraint. I really find it amazing how quickly and easily some people "forget" or assume that there is nothing in the world that could possibly bother us anymore around the subject of babies and children. I find that bizarre. It really is just common sensitivity and tact.

pipsylou said...

I actually DO think that's a characteristic about most SAHM (something I have to stay away from) - mindless babble about number of kids and procreation.

I wish we could be facebook friends but then I'd know your name. :(

Boo hoo.

kate said...

I don't do facebook either, but i recently learned of it's existence...

Dunno, rach -- i babble about my kids and i'm not i try not to, but people do tend to ask...

Aussie Kate said...

What is this mysterious facebook you speak of? I'm with lori, I'm clueless. So to save me googling it, and to get a firsthand description, please tell?

As for the wedding, I admire your restraint. You are ever the diplomat.

hugs to you and BB.

niobe said...

Sigh. Based on your experiences, it looks like I'm just going to have to lower my expectations and accept that people are going to be clueless. My family can't understand why I might still be just a little unhappy. After all, it's been six whole months.

I feel kind of sorry for the SAHM you describe. If she's so wrapped up in her kids, what will she do when they get a little older? Anyway, sounds like you weathered the whole thing very well.

delphi said...

Ahhhh, the Facebook. Basically it is a web function that allows you to put up your picture and profile (name, address, etc. if you want). Other members of facebook can search for your name and then request to see your profile. If you allow them, they are added to your list of "friends". Then you are given updates as to what your friends are doing... i.e. if they leave messages for other people, or comment on someone's photo album. It is really very juvenile/college-like. You "write on a wall" to leave a message. You can virtually "poke" someone. You can start virtual food fights. When you click on someone's profile, it tells you how many friends they have. You can browse other people's friends.

If I were in high school, I could see how this whole system would turn into cyber-bullying in a heartbeat. It was started by the college set, as a way to keep track of friends on your campus and know what they are up to. It grows exponentially day-by-day.

SO, as I said, I am there because all my cousins are there. I have hid my profile from random searches, so that only the people I want to be "friends" with (i.e. my family) will be able to see it.

If you really want to connect with your high school class, it might be a good way to do it. I say, avoid it until you can't anymore. Then you can feel superior to us lowly facebookers (like I used to, sigh.)


delphi said...


I also feel a little sorry for SAHM. She really has a small perspective on what is important in life, in my opinion. Yes, family is important, but not to the exclusion of all other topics of consideration. She is going to feel lost when they are in school all day. And she doesn't have a career to return to; she was working as a grocery cashier before she had the kids. I have no idea what she will do when they grow up. I hope that she is okay and moves on to other things: despite her cluelessness, she really is a nice person.

Aurelia said...

"I resisted the urge to remind her that my 2.5 is just exceptionally quiet for his age."

O yeah, we have the SAME sense of humour, giggle.

Yes, I finally joined facebook as well, very silly, you are probably right to hide yourself from searches. I've seen some pretty obvious photos women have put up there, along with their phone numbers etc...and they just friend any old person who asks. Stalkerville IMO.

Aussie Kate said...

thanks for the briefing on what facebook is, it sounds kinda fun in a bizarre way! So now I feel very up-to-date and modern with whats out there in the cyber-world ;)

doesnt mean that I will actually join up though...

Samantha said...

I resisted the urge to remind her that my 2.5 is just exceptionally quiet for his age.

I am so In Your Face I think I couldn't have resisted.

I will have to say of a SAHM who was the mother of two kids I grew up with, she revolved around them and their lives. Last I heard she went skydiving and rock climbing.

But, still I get what ur talking about. You worry about most of them. Not being one yet, I would hope I would still HAVE A LIFE outside of children.

Catherine said...

So I forgot, I signed up for facebook a while ago. NOBODY from my high school class is on it! Weird!