Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tough one

2 month immunizations - CHECK.
Mommy and Daddy nearly cried, too - CHECK
Our little love crying harder than he ever has before - CHECK
Mommy whipping out a booby to make him feel better - CHECK

Why, oh why, can't they put all of the vaccine in one syringe? Poor little dude has two holes in his legs :(


Julie said...

(((hugs))) Shots are sooo traumatic, especially for the parents! I cried as hard as Evan did for his first shots. i'm sorry you all had to go through that!

Aussie Kate said...

Sounds like the three of you were very very brave, well done! Hope BB doesnt suffer any ill effects from the needles. We always find B sleeps brilliantly for a night or two after his, so fingers crossed BB does the same.

pipsylou said...

that's us tomorrow at 8:30 am. :( i am dying to know his little name...i have him named Calvin in my mind...don't know why?

Emma's Mum said...

Poor little guy.....I almost started crying myself from your description!

Anam Cara said...

I feel your pain. Immunizations are as probably as excruciating for us as it is for them!! (((hugs)))

kate said...

I found Chloe's first shots very emotionally difficult -- not so much because of the pain to her (she recovered pretty quickly, thank goodness for the booby!!) but because that was a big milestone that Nicolas never got to see.