Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where do you go for advice?

When engaging in the act of lunacy commonly known as subsequent pregnancy after a loss, where do you turn for advice? Do you talk every little thing over with friends, family, casual acquaintances? Do you keep it between you and your partner? How much help can your doctor be?

Don't panic, nothing is wrong with the Babe. But, every day we face choices dealing with care and management of the pregnancy. Sometimes we really have to struggle to come up with an answer. So many of our questions don't even really have a "right" answer.

So where do you turn? Who gives you the best advice? Is life easier when more people know what you are struggling with or less?

Just wanted a little outside perspective from the smartest group of people I know (that would be you).


Aussie Kate said...

I found my brilliant, compassionate OB was a great port of call for medical issues, and for emotional issues I turned to DH, my closest girlfriend, and spals friends. 'Dr Google' also helped to foster ideas about medical issues, but needs to be filtered.

Thinking of you and the Babe.

Catherine said... must be desperate for advice if you're resorting to shameless ego stroking. :o)

I didn't talk about it. I used denial. Health issues, I talked about with my OB and the maternal-fetal Dr. Other than that, the subject was pretty much taboo. I regret that now.

kate said...

My doctor was my greatest support, and after that the people i knew online who had also suffered loss/subsequent pg. I found some of the sub pg groups/message boards (like at MISS) very helpful. I never talked to any family (except dh i mean) or IRL people about any decisions regarding my pg.

Julian's Mom said...

I turned to the pediatric heart doctor who saw us through our first loss, not my OB. And to you, of course.

sillyhummingbird said...

yeah, my doctor was my greatest support as well (i started seeing him 3 days after our son died). other than my dh, i only spoke to one girlfriend who is my second greatest confidante. that's it. my family couldn't do it b/c they were all tied up in their own fears about our pregnancy. and as catherine said, the subject was so taboo with others in my life.