Thursday, November 02, 2006

Prenatal Report - 27 wks ***updated

We saw the doctor yesterday. The update?

  • I gained WAAAAAAAAY too much this month. This MUST be controlled in the next 13 weeks (11 if I have my way). Thanksgiving and Halloween are over. No more treats until Christmas, right?
  • Fundal height measured a little too big. I am not really worried about it and an ultrasound is scheduled for less than 2 weeks, so we will double check size then, I am sure.
  • We are starting bi-weekly NSTs* tomorrow.
  • Glucose screen tomorrow.
  • Refill of hemorrhoid cream prescribed.
  • Learned that the hospital obstetric schedule for our city has changed, so we may have to deliver (in January, in Canada, probably -30 degrees C) 80 kilometers away. If I am lucky, I can share a room with a meth-head instead of enjoying the comfortable, homey, private room in my own hospital 5 blocks away (sarcasm drips).

How am I dealing? I am holding it together. Some days better than others.

The people who "knew me when" have been relatively sensitive about not trying to discuss this pregnancy too much. It's the people that I have recently met are still are chatty - maternity leave, what are you having, blah blah blah. Some days I can handle it, some days it makes me SOOOOO angry - mind your own damn business, please. The unsolicited advice. Look, I've done this before.

My body hurts. I am having lots of Braxton Hicks. They take my breath away. I try not to worry, but...

I am exhausted from my work schedule. I just finished something of a major project. Now on to Phase 2. I am worn out.

I am thrilled to have reached 27 weeks. The Babe's closet is chock full of the most adorable outfits ever. This kid is going to be way better dressed than me. Also, movement has settled into a nice little pattern, which means when nap-time comes around at 2 p.m. I don't panic.

Getting there, getting there. Right?

*no, not nests. Sorry for the confusion, Treggles!


Okay. Tests were fine. Here is a problem, though:

bi‧week‧ly –adjective
1.occurring every two weeks.
2.occurring twice a week.

How can one little benign word mean two completely opposite things??? The NSTs will be "every two weeks", not "twice a week."

I think the real question on everyone's mind is this: why on earth did she write this post in the first place if the whole thing would be so full of confusion, misspellings, nests, and general craziness. I give up. Consider this post corrected - for the last time!!!

P.S. Hooray (scroll down to see the whole thing...)!!


Rosepetal said...

Great news on the movement and 27 weeks already! I'm glad you are coping okay. I can understand you being exhausted - you have both the emotional and the physical to deal with. The NSTs twice a week should be reassuring.

Thanks for your comment on my last post - I had another meltdown yesterday (or maybe it's just the same one) and half way through I remembered what you said.

Treggles said...

Bi-weekly "nests", delphi? Is this some bizarre ritual I've not heard of yet?

Great that you've hit 27 weeks. I'm thinking of you all the way.

delphi said...

Treggles - Non-stress tests. They hook your belly up to a fetal heartrate monitor and graph the heartrate for about 1/2 an hour and see if the heartrate changes when there is fetal movement.

I have been at this too long... :)

delphi said...

Oh, I see. The stupid spell-checker changed NSTs to "nests". I shall revise. Of course that makes no sense. Proof read, people, proof read!

Anam Cara said...

Glad you are coping pretty well. I know how hard a sub-pregnancy is. I remember taking it not just one day at a time but more like one hour at a time. And lots of deep breaths.......

By the way, my kids are much better dressed than me. I'm jealous of their wardrobes!

Thinking of you and sending (((hugs))).

Treggles said...

Aha. I thought you'd just miss-typed 'tests'.

kate said...

Yay 27 weeks! Yay NST's! Yay naps at 2 pm!

Boo stupid chatty comments. MYOB people. Sheesh.

The flip side is that now i never ask any personal questions of ANYBODY anymore. And this really annoys other people who used to count on me for their gossip fix. I learned that last weekend...i didn't realize it before! LOL

Rosepetal said...

Well, you know before leaving my comment I actually looked up biweekly myself and though, okay, which is it, I'm going for twice a week. Bit stupid that one word has two meanings when to find out which of those two it is is probably why 99% of people look it up in the first place.

OK, now I'll stop blathering on.

delphi said...


Making you choose a definition was *my* fault. But I blame the people in Oxford, since they seem to control the ebb and flow of the English language. ;)

And this post has been riddled with misuse of the English langauge since I hit the "post" button.