Monday, August 28, 2006


Yay, I am reading something non-grief and non-Babyloss related. Since I am sure you are all dying to know, and have been scanning my Reading Recommendations for updates, here it is:

Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw: Travel in Search of Canada

This is a travelogue of Mr. Ferguson's many trips around Canada, to some of the wildest outposts and tamest cities. I am really enjoying it. It is an abridged and distorted history of our country, as seen through the eyes of a man visiting historic locales. He also wrote Canadian History for Dummies, and thus has a wealth of historic Canadian historical facts at his fingertips. His writing is rather engaging, though I wonder about audience (some of the references may be too obscure for non-Canadian readers). Anyways, if you are looking for a fun little trip through Our Home and Native Land, this is it.

P.S. Has anyone else read this?

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Lorem ipsum said...

It sounds like a lot of fun! I just went online and our library has a copy, so I requested it.

Have you read Bill Bryson's 'The Lost Continent'? It's the funniest book I've ever read (and so much better than any of his other non-linguistics-oriented work). It's a snide travelogue through small-town USA - check it out; we'll have a cross-border exchange! (Although I wouldn't blame you if you've had enough of the States. Many of us who live here have, too.)