Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I love technology

Unbeknownst to me, my darling husband won an eBay auction for a Doppler last week. It arrived in the mail yesterday. He found Babe's heartbeat immediately, after me not even being able to find my own. I apparently suck at positioning the wand, but bing-bang-boom he found 158 beats per minute.

So, problem 1 solved. Problem 2, that of gas and bloating I seem to have under control, via careful monitoring of food intake. I bought PopTarts today. Oh, yum.

As for Problem 3, a.k.a. Am I really feeling kicks? I am going to have to go with a resounding "yes". The movements are just too organized for random gas bubbles.

So how about this one? I recently heard that soy may be toxic for baby in pregnancy???? Is this just one more crackpot internet theory, or have any doctors out there actually bought into this theory?? Should I toss my brand-new carton of soy milk?

And HELLO MILO!!!!! And thanks to DBM for this update!


Laura said...

Your husband is awesome and how great is it that you found the babe's heartbeat right away! I'm definately hoping to get a doppler next time. 158 bpm...hmm, I can't remember if a fast heartbeat means a boy or a girl. (I know that's a total old wives tale, though)

Hey, I'm glad that you're clearing up your gas problem :) Now maybe you'll be able to tell for sure what's baby and what's gas!

I'm so excited for you, D :) (baby excitement, not gas excitement)

Bronwyn said...

Your husband is a knight in shining armour! I hope the Doppler gives you peace of mind for the duration. Very excited for you!

kate said...

Excellent excellent excellent! What a wonderful dh you have! And i do believe it is baby, not gas...go baby!

Laura, high hb supposedly means girl...hmmm, maybe...

Glad to hear things are proceedingly nicely! Hopefully you will not have to do too much travelling from now on...it is always so exhausting.

Lorem ipsum said...

What a great husband you have! I hope it has speedy shipping, too.