Sunday, May 07, 2006

Up. Then down.

After yesterday's happy arrival, word of devastating news - another loss to our "community" at Catherine's blog. Please visit her and give moral support, for what it's worth.

This week has been a teary one for me. I tear up in the oddest locations. In the bulk grocery store. Listening to the radio. At church. Quite consistently this month. My grief counselor believes that the soul is imprinted by life's tragedy's for a long time. Last May was one of the most difficult times for me - I went back to work and dealt with my first childless Mother's Day. Perhaps the shockwaves from a year ago are washing over me and the waves are coming out in tears.

We went kite flying at our son's grave. I recommend.

I am in mid-stickdipping. Pee collection is proceeding in excellent fashion, as per new approach, and the colours change as they are supposed to. Here's to chemistry.

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