Friday, April 07, 2006

More Books

I love books. I love the feel of books, I love the smell of books, I love to talk about books. I love books.

This obviously explains why, instead of the typical BabyLoss Blog List of Helpful Links, which I could include along the sidebar, I have chosen to include a list of Books. I feel a little guilty about that - I have dozens of helpful web addresses bookmarked that relate to BabyLoss. But since they are probably the same ones that you have on your computer or your blog (see how I assume that any reader must be a Dead Baby Parent), I decided to go with the reading list.

To clarify, I am C.S. Lewis obsessed. That is obvious. I also read anything I can get my grubby little hands on relating to BabyLoss. I am also Jane Austin obsessed (me = Brito-phile) - I will pontificate on the glories of her writing, undoubtedly, in the future. Please try to contain your excitement.

I am NOT, however, a person who has any formal education in literary criticism or literary classics. So, the many learned members of the intelligentsia may have contrary opinions to mine. All I know is that I love books. And when I find a story that I love, I hound people until they read it.

Today's library acquisition? Love and Other Impossible Pursuits by Ayelet Waldmen. I am going to read this at the recommendation of a friend and fellow mommy-in-mourning (you know who you are). Listed in my local library under:

Married women -- Fiction.
Infants -- Death -- Fiction.
Stepfamilies -- Fiction.
Grief -- Fiction

Now who wouldn't want to read a book covering those topics?

First - Great title. Secondly - the first line of the book is: "Usually, if I duck my head and walk briskly, I can make it past the playground at West Eighty-first Street." Great first line. True first line. I daily perform the action described in the first line (though, not on West Eighty-first Street).

I really am reading all three books listed in the sidebar. This amazes me: I am a carnivorous reader. I devour books. Three on the go? Unheard of.

On top of all of this book euphoria, it is spring in my part of Canada. My garden is coming to life. The sun shines. You don't have to wear your winter parka - I have given it up for a cute little jean jacket I just bought*.

I feel a little too happy to be responsible for a BabyLoss blog. Aren't I the Carefree Kid?**

I promise. More somber grief work to come.

*aside: When you are always the bridesmaid and never the bride (read: everyone else in the world is pregnant but you), you fool yourself for a while and don't buy new clothes because "you might be pregnant". I have recently discovered the cure to that ailment: cheap, yet cute, clothes from a Big Box Store.

**I am quite convinced that this statement is grammatically incorrect, but my Devil-may-care attitude today allows me to publish poor grammar. Would someone please correct me? See what book-induced euphoria does to a girl?

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Laura said...

I wish, wish, wish that I was reading like you are right now. I have a pile a foot high of books that I'm supposed to be reading. However, today's books suggestion is one that I am definately going to have to get. I fall under every one of those categories and that is a really great first line.