Friday, March 24, 2006

The Pieces of Today

Well, blogging day 2. And within hours of my first post, I have a comment. I am a little weirded out by that. Yes, I get how blogs work. However, I had anticipated a few weeks of complete obscurity before the world found me.

Thoughts today:

The Good - my marriage. I cannot believe how strong our marriage is after the hell of the last 14 months. We communicate better than we ever have before. We like to spend time with each other. I am truly amazed. There are just too many horror stories about marriages splitting up over the death of a child or infertility. Makes you recognize something special when you have it.

The Bad - oh, the people that don't get it. The ones that really confuse me are the ones who have also experienced loss. A woman that I work with had a miscarriage around 10 years ago at about 9 weeks. Yesterday she told me a story that anyone who experienced a loss would just not want to hear. It blows my mind that she really doesn't get it. How can someone who has also lost a baby not get it??

The Ugly - This post. It's boring. Oh, I had planned on being a much more interesting blogger than this...

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